sean taylor gorant

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More than just a pretty face.


sean taylor gorant

Some things you spend your whole life looking for, and some things find you. I didn't know that art was going to be a passion of mine until I went to the Columbus College of Art & Design, where I majored in Advertising and Graphic Design. But by the end of the first week there I was hooked, and ever since then I've wanted to prove worthy of my fervor for it.

I’m a designer with a knack for words, typography, traditional media and good taste. I've worked as a graphic artist for 7 years, seeking out other creative minds to learn from and inspire fresh ideas from new perspectives. I exhaust myself getting intimate with my work and coming up with the best solutions. Whether it’s a physical piece of art or a responsive mobile UI, my goal is always to combine the strengths of traditional and digital into something that’s meaningful and intuitive.

I'll never be tired of looking for new passions in life, and for me that means always being open to something, or someone, unexpected finding you.