sean taylor gorant

CSCA: Gives Back

logo design / brand graphics / icon design



Design a new branded identity system for the “Gives Back” volunteer organization, a part of the Columbus Society of Creative Arts, that embodies the enthusiastic personality and unique assemblage of skilled artists that the group stands for.


a part of a whole

CSCA Gives Back is an organization where local creatives volunteer their time and skills to do projects for non-profit groups in the area that can’t afford creative work. As a part of relatively young collective, I worked with Gives Back on several assignments throughout the year. But they were without a brand themselves, so I volunteered to take on the task of crafting a suite to give a face to the group.


better together

The letterforms in the logo, designed to evoke playful shapes as much as typography, lock neatly together into an icon, which itself fits snugly with the CSCA logo.


Accompanying icons flesh out the graphic identity of the organization: a collection of artists with different trades, skills and abilities, unified by a mission to make a positive impact with their work.


work to be done

CSCA Gives Back always focuses on putting the community they work for first. But now with their own image, expressing their quirky and hand-crafted approach, the future shines with even more possibilities.