sean taylor gorant

Serif Creative

logo design / brand graphics / web design / art direction



To update the brand identity and website of the Columbus based agency, Serif Creative. Working collaboratively with a developer, I designed a new site from scratch to serve as a platform for the voice and vision of the agency.


lines and curves

To update the brand identity of Serif Creative, I started at the top: the word mark. Taking care to create a sense of harmony in the customized letterforms, I focused on subtle repeating accents and finely controlled curves. With so much of the characters cut away, the negative space worked to glue the letters together and suggest the “missing pieces.”


in motion

The mission for the website was to create a simple, elegant frame for the work of the agency to shine through. Though the design is intentionally minimal, the interface and animations give it a sense of scale.


The site achieves “simple significance” with huge, paralaxing images and dropcap letters that break the boundaries of the screen.


a thousand words

To elaborate on the new identity of Serif Creative, I helped to design icons and images that would populate the new website. These assets would speak to the maverick attitude of the company and their unconventional approach to creative work.


a new perspective

I worked with the production team to concept and art direct new video loops that expressed the perspective and personality of Serif Creative. The result was a series of stylized images that took the traditional “agency video” theme and twisted it, both figuratively and literally.


Go check out the Serif Creative website to get a closer look the company and the work we’re doing.